Throwback: 5IVE VIP laminate 2015

You know when you see an email come in, and you spot something amazing written in the subject line? Well, seeing ‘5IVE VIP passes’ made me shout ‘IVE GOT THE FEELIN’!

This was a simple ‘same both sides’ pass, and enjoyed listening to their 1998 debut album whilst working on this one. Just looking at the many hit song titles written around the edge of the pass, it’s easy to see how popular an artist they still are.

The VIP + Meet & Greet world has become much more popular in the past few years, acts are putting a lot more effort in to the experience. Every pass can be totally different, with variable data. It could have the individual name/date/event, with directions / instructions on the reverse. It can even have different colours and backgrounds if you need to split a big VIP group into colour coded sub groups.

If you can think of it, let’s do it!