Throwback: Deaf Havana, 2017

A pass lasts a long time, and will spend most of its life at home in the memory box after the tour. For the short amount of time that it is an active credential for a tour or event, the design & content is crucial.

We have all heard stories of chancers and blaggers, making up some fake passes simply by taking the artwork from the tours advertising posters, and adding ‘AAA’ in a random font to the front, taking a chance that designers have been lazy, and the security staff aren’t paying much attention.

Over the years, our old friends Deaf Havana have become masters of having some fun with their pass designs. Taking the design away from their current album / tour / promo branding can only help. If your live credential design is as eye catching a holographic Danny DeVito, it’s safe to say that it will stand out and make any other pass easy to spot.