Throwback: You Me At Six, Europe, 2009

When I first started working with touring bands, I was designing the tour laminate as a hobby. I liked to keep the laminate imagery fairly far away from the bands album / campaign artwork. When you look at it as a security credential, the design you want is one that no chancers could ever get close to without even trying; just using the tour or album cover and adding AAA might just work. (Note: none of this matters if people post photos of pass online!!!)

This You Me At Six 2009 European tour was their (and mine) first real trip across the Channel. I got the idea for this after getting into images old circus posters.

On the front you can see three male faces at the top, with comedy hats added. I’m on the left, Rob Highcroft (TM) is in the middle, and Henri Pickersgill (merch & bands best mate) is on the right.

On the back I love the bands first very simple logo, just typed in Arial I think. The font was always red and black/bold to help the reader out with the whole “does it say ‘meat'”? thing..

As usual I always preferred to put the DAY of the week on the list of dates, it’s really helpful when you’re using it on the tour to see when the next weekend show is, or work out what day of the week your day off is.

I don’t want to write many anecdotal things in these posts, but I searched for videos from the Cologne show @ The Underground (RIP) on this tour, and aside from the fact it made me really miss this green sparkle Truth drum kit, it brought back a vision from later that night in the make-your-own-bed backpacker hostel we stayed in afterwards, that I didn’t want to ever remember